Corporate & Commercial Law

Holland Expat Lawyers is specialised in:


  •  commercial transactions and disputes
  • corporate sales
  • liability conflicts
  • collection procedures
  • business contracts
  • terms and conditions
  • restructuring companies
  • mergers, reorganisations, joint ventures


As an entrepreneur you can come across all kind of legal problems and conflicts for which you need expert advice. Whether you need some help with contracts or collecting a debt from a stubborn client, our bilingual lawyers are experienced in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We guide and represent small companies but we also have years of experience representing international firms in the Brainport region. Our style is no-nonsense and honest. If we can reach the best possible result without going to court we will do so, but if necessary we will fight your battles in court.      

Who would you like to help you? 

When it comes to this area, all our lawyers are experienced:

mr. R. Holland


mr. G.J.M. Philipsen


mr. M.J.M. Jansen-van Beek


mr. J.H.L. van Lierop


mr. R. Zwanenberg


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