Family Law

Holland Expat Lawyers is specialised in:


– Divorce
– Co-habitation agreements
– Mediation
– International jurisdiction
– Alimony
– Cross-border custody
– Parental responsibilities
– Matrimonial property
– Prenuptial agreements
– Recognition of children
– Adoption
– International child abduction cases

When you walked down the aisle with all good intentions you never expected it to come to this. Divorce was for other couples, it was not going to happen to you. But people and situations change and sometimes there is no other option. A divorce is always emotional and stressful. Especially when children are involved. You want to sort things out as quickly and painless as possible, not just for you but also for the kids. Clear alimony arrangements, custody and access schedules, agreement on subjects like the house, finances etc. For sorting out and registering agreements on these topics a lawyer is necessary. We are happy to be your guide through these difficult times and make sure all the arrangements and court documents are organised swift and properly. We never make a case last any longer than necessary, so you can concentrate on your future again as soon as possible. We are stars in mediation for couples that need help reaching an agreement together but we are also experienced in court procedures to be able to represent one of you if necessary.

Who do you need to call? 

If you are looking for a good (international) family lawyer, you are in good hands with our specialists:

mr. R. Holland


mr. J.H.L. van Lierop


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