Labour Law

Holland Expat Lawyers is specialised in:


  • Employment contracts
  • Redundancy, layoff
  • Employment conflicts
  • Reorganisations and mergers
  • Employment conditions
  • Non-competition clause
  • Employee participation law


When it comes to labour law and employment issues, a good lawyer can make a world of difference. Especially for Expats in the Brainport region an experienced bilingual lawyer can be more than necessary to guide you through the complicated and confusing Dutch labour laws. Whether you are an employee wanting to know your redundancy rights or an employer needing swift and expert advice on contracts, mergers or conflicts, our lawyers will help you reach the best possible solution.

Who is good in this area? 


For any topic regarding labour law, you are best calling our specialists:

mr. M.J.M. Jansen-van Beek


mr. G.J.M. Philipsen


mr. R. Zwanenberg


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